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I NEED Help with Competition Poses!


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I just signed up today. Ive been on this site for about 3 years reading articles and checking out pics and so on. I have a dilemma. I'm getting ready for my first body building NPC competition and I don't how to pose yet. The show isnt till the end of July, but I'd sleep better at night knowing that I actually have a clue on how to pose! Are there websites that can teach me cause if there are I haven't found them? I have friends that have won competitions before but they live in other states then mine. I feel like I don't have alot of time to perfect those poses and to also get my evening presentation down. Someone, anyone...can you please help.


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Hi there! I don't have any useful advice for you but this forum doesn't get a lot of traffic so I'd recommend you repost in the bodybuilding forum.;s=forumsNavTop

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