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Help with Quad Dominance


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i've been lurking on the site for several months and am trying to put together a plan that will help me accomplish my fitness goals. I'm currently 5'7 and 127.8 lbs 18%bf. measurement 34-27.5-36.5. I'm hoping to get down to 125 lbs and only like 16-14%bf with measurements 34-25-38. the reason i don't want to lose much weight is because i want to build um my upper body plus i like strong able looking bodies ex most athletes, figure competitors, etc.

right now i'm trying to focus on making butt bigger and my thighs smaller. i do NOT want thin waif like legs but i hate that my legs are so muscular from years of being an athlete (basketball,track and now martial arts). my legs don't seem to fit in with the rest of my very lean body. so im trying to lose so muscle from my legs esp my quads.
after i get my legs and bf% on track i plan on adding some bulk to my upper body but i'll focus more on the upper body later

thanks for any advice

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it is reali hard to give u any advice without any pictures,or workouts or ne kind of help...the info uve provided is not enough......ull need to add up more....

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do a lot of endurance training ie. high rep, lower weight leg exercises (with focus on the quads) that will cause the quad muscles fiber tone/makeup to change and they will atrophy to become more efficient. Bike a whole lot (but not fast)

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