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I like looking nice, but I have very little fashion sense. I've been told (by a former boyfriend and by my sister) that I look good naked or in gym clothes but bad in regular clothes.

Also, it seems like fashion advice on what to wear, what looks flattering, etc., is typically geared for either skinny or fat women, and not for people with a more athletic body type. So I thought (if folks don't mind too much) we could have a "What to wear" thread. What really works for you? What totally doesn't?

Some stuff I've found, by trial and error:
1. V-necks.
When you're broad-shouldered, you want the neckline to be as narrow as possible, to avoid looking just plain wide. Also, the V-neck makes the most of a good set of boobs.

2. Defined waist.
A shirt-dress with a belt, a wrap-dress with a tie, a cocktail dress with princess seams, etc. When you have a butt, you need to make a point of the fact that you have a waist too.

3. Booty-friendly.
There are two options here: flowy, or deliberately curve-hugging (think Joan from Mad Men.) Tight dresses that hit just above the knee seem to work really well for girls with quads and a butt. What doesn't work is something very exposing but unstructured, like a short babydoll dress --that just looks wrong if you aren't skinny.

4. Drapey fabric.
Some fabrics just make you look good -- cotton knits, in particular.

5. Party in the back.
For athletic women, our backs are normally a good feature. We look good in dresses and tops with dramatic back exposure. (Of course, for this you have to stand up straight.)

6. Armhole madness.
If you train your upper body, you're going to have problems with armholes. Clothes that fit everywhere else will be tight around the arms and will tear at the armpits. Go sleeveless when you can, and keep a sewing kit around for the inevitable failure of your cardigans.

7. Pants.
Oh, pants. The ones with the waist the same size as the rear. The one with the seat three inches below where *your* seat is. There is such a marvelous variety of ways that pants don't fit! My best luck for trousers/slacks has been at H&M. But honestly, I haven't figured out pants at all.

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Rodimus Black
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I like what you're doing here, Alisa. For you, in my mind's eye, numbers 1-3, and 5 work good for you. The pants...I'd have to be there with you to see how they fit on you. For #6, I'm not sure if a seamstress or tailor would be helpful. I know suit-wise, I've always gotta hit up the tailor, or go custom made. The waist/rear size thing doesn't seem right.
Personally, for you, I see a lot of form-fitting ensembles. You've really got the body for it.
I wish we guys got a thread started regarding clothes. It's very difficult to shop sometimes, as a bigger guy. It's why I'm currently working to drop a bit of weight.

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