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I have a friend of mine interested in getting into figure competitions. She'd never really thought about it until she got into a conversation with her company's relocation agent--that was helping her find a new home in the Southwest--and found out that she did figure shows. She thought the agent looked absolutely amazing (and was an "older" woman to boot at 45 ish).

This got her interested. She's an ex-volleyball player, likes being active, misses being in the shape she was while training competitively. Not afraid to work hard. BUT---I don't feel comfortable pushing her *too* hard to get into it. I think it'd be great because she'd be able to recapture some of the drive she used to have in her volleyball days when she was training 20 hrs a week. She misses that too. But I want to encourage her not coerce her if that makes sense.

I can train her effectively, and I know it.... But I want her to be comfortable doing it on her own. THEN if she wants me to train her I can do it.

So what I had in mind from you ladies was sort of an "Are you a Beginner" Thread for figure, or serious sexy woman training. :)

Hope especially to hear from the experienced competitive figure women we have here, but all you lovely ladies really. So what are your favorite training articles ladies? Post 'em up! Please :)

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