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Back to Back Figure Comps. Advice?


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I am currently doing back to back figure competitions. Any of you had this experience, or know of anything that helped you recover from the first show and come in strong for the second? Any diet changes from your previous weeks' plan? Any difference in exercise?

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The Mighty Stu
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I've done BBing shows 2 weeks apart, and while it's not a lot of time to try for any huge rebound, I do believe that giving yourself at least a somewhat 'normal' meal post contest will not only make you feel much better mentally, but it will also give you a nice break physically. Also, even though I'm one who likes to get back in the gym after the show, I like to take the day after the contest completely off from training due to the extreme soreness I feel from flexing and posing all day during the show. This would probably serve you well before digging in that last week for the 2nd contest.


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