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Dirts Daniels

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Hey Gentlemen. I have a bit of a dilema. I am getting ready to start a solid bulking cycle. But I can't get my hands on any SERMS/AI/Anti E. So I am wondering if anybody knows if there are ANY o.t.c. products that would be effective. Any and all input would be awesome! Thx Guys.

Sus 300- 600mg p/wk for 12wks
Eq 200- 500mg p/wk for 12wks
D bol- 50mg E.D. for wks 3-9
HCG 500iu p/wk for wks 2-12

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so what is the conclusion on Toremifene and what is the up to date pct for using it? I have a few hundred pills of these and few vials of hcg and want to try it out on next simple 12 week cycle of just test e and dbol-haven't cycled in awhile-

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ok ques for devildog....i just finished a fairly light cycle with sus250..i have already procured the clomid aand the hcg. do i need an ai also to catch the additional estro that the clomid doesnt or would that be overkill?

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Westclock wrote:
Id like to see a little more info on Toremifene, if thats possible.

Specifically the effectiveness in restarting natural production. From what I have read its a very effective anti gyno, and in theory is very effective at restarting production, but I have no personal experience, nor have I met anyone who has used it as a PCT.

I have read very good things about it, especially in the testicular size during PCT. But I have read some studies that worry me, most notably that it may have suppressive affects on testosterone production.

And I would be interested to hear your thoughts in relation to perhaps stacking it with a more common SERM, such as nolva or clomid during PCT.

Thoughts ?

Only second hand account of a guy who praises it. HE stacks it but not with Nolva. He said he balls coming ragin back in 3 day's using Toremifene

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Hey everyone, I'm thinking of doing a ph by a company called Thai Labz.Called dragon. My question is what to do for the pct, should I just do their product called go nads, or do I need a serm? Sorry dudes, I'm av little new to the game, I've done quite a bit of research, there's just so much information out there. A solid response would be appreciated, I don't need sarcasm or put downs ;) my apologiesfor posting in a thread that's kind of old. I stumbled across it while researching.

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Hey, i just got clomid/nolva/anastozole. how long does it last on the shelf, i dont plan on using it for a while.

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Has anyone tried running ADEX at 1mg every 4 days? My source can only provide 1mg capsules and cant cut it to use at .5mg EOD and was advised to take it every 4 days.

This will be my 6th cycle using test E 500mg weekly for 12 weeks and will be my first time using Adex.

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