1st Cycle: Test E, Dbol


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Now i am ready for the darkside :)

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Masstadon wrote:
Day 18 update:

Im up 10lbs as of this morning from the first day on cycle. My strength has gone up a nice bit. I'm now pinning 250mg every 3 days instead of twice a week. Eating mixed berry Protein oatmeal for breakfast and during the day consuming shakes, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, low sodium beef jerky, protein bars, cereal, tuna, sandwiches, chili, bagels with cream cheese, and a scoop of casein before bed.

Where's the Chicken and Steak and Chocolate cake..!! Keep the post up sounds good.. I'm gunna be running the same cycle in September of 600 test 300 mast.. and dbol first 4-5 weeks.. I'm a little shorter than u and a little heavier.. keep us posted on your bloat or BF%. If anything like that changes! Also a photo updated would be cool too =)


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