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I have really been spending more and more time training lately. Normally 4 days a week 3 hours at a whack.
One of our guys just won a title in Missouri and have been working with him getting him ready for another fight this weekend and to prep me for my next one which should be within the next 2-3 months.

Monday did lots of warm up because I got there early. I hit the bag working on movement and speed which turned into using more power and practicing two combos I have been working on. Then we did some sparring with takedowns etc. The guy I was working with wanted takedowns which led to lots of clinch work and doing whizzers off the cage. Sparred for 10minutes straight with no breaks. Took a 5 minute water break and then set the timer for 5 minute rounds and did three of those. Later did some work with the younger guys on punching and setting up takedowns.

After that went into No Gi class and we worked lots of positions and setting up armbars and basically did them over and over about 15 times each then free rolled for about 20 minutes. Open mat for and hour where I did lots of different techniques and sparred for a good 30 minutes. Next up was regular Gi class and I stayed for the first time I did a Gi class and it was very good. Basically worked on a few different triangles and how to set them up and getting best position for success then Rolled again and I spent lots of time on the bottom with some blue and purple belts just staying alive.

Next day did some light work in the gym as I was too sore and tired to do too much but wanted to lift anyway.

The day after that back training working muay thai drills , lots of cardio and did some free sparring. After class had some open mat and worked pretty much everything in there. Pretty much the same stuff I do all the time Just a lot more of it lately and my body is paying the price LOL Just felt like I needed to tell somebody about all this work I been doing.

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Rodimus Black wrote:
kmcnyc wrote:
shit here is the uglier knee pic.

lil bit of what appears to be osgood slotters not patella tendonitis

I have that on my left knee. Grew out when I was 14. Hurt like a bitch, but now, it's just there.

I think I had it since then- pain goes in stages.
its annoying - the left knee is the ' rebuilt ' one
Its not impeding any weight room shit- I just front squatted 315 this week.

nice work patch2- but I peeped your log.

anyone getting all wrestling crazy
Pan Am games are in a week or two
NCAA D1 is up in 3 weeks

Judo Pan Ams soon too

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I guess you are supposed to write what and how much you train here so i´ll do that.
I live in Sweden and started to train mixed martial arts about 6 months ago. I think it´s a really great thing to do to build physical and mental strength and stamina and it has helped me a lot with that. I currently train MMA on fridays and sundays only because the majority of our trainers are out of town for a while, but they will be back in May and then i will train mondays, wednesdays, fridays and sundays. So right now a typical week of training look´s like this:
Monday - conditioning/rest
Tuesday - weight training
Wednesday - conditioning/rest
Thursday - weight training
Friday - MMA
Saturday - weight training
Sunday - MMA

And in May it will be like this:
Monday - MMA
Tuesday - weight training
Wednesday - MMA
Thursday - weight training
Friday - MMA
Saturday - weight training
Sunday - MMA/rest

Sorry for the bad english

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Miss Parker wrote:
Sounds like you had a great time, Patch. :)

Totally did!

I rolled a lot over the last week. When I get the time, I'll type it up.

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