Karate Girl vs Gym Rat Guy


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if the guy has any skills at all, he wins 99/100 times under those circumstances.

i train muay thai. i'm pretty experienced. when i spar with guys who have 5 inches and 50 pounds on me with intermediate skills, it is a hell of a time for me.

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Sifu wrote:
CircaThursday wrote:
The guy is 6 foot 3 and bench press 270 weights 215
girl is 5 foot 3 150 pounds
dojo is not full contact

She sounds like a round little thing with a big juicy ass. Do you have any pictures or a phone number? More importantly does she have a restraining order against you or anyone associated with you?

I'm with Sifu, when were you planning on attempting this rape? Cause time of day matters.

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