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Order History Level is WAAYYY Wrong

Level 100

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Why am I a level 1? I have at least spent 1000's on supplements, my total purchases is listed at $182.oo HILARIOUS.

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Mod Brian
Moderator, Admin

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Please see

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And so is your spelling.

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London Runner
Level 5

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Hey Matt,

I know there's issues going on with this, and your in the middle of fixing it. I just made and order the other day, which just delivered today.

My Order Level (4) is right since my firs order last year, but in the order history in the profile it's only showing this most recent order I just made, and it says that I've only every made 1 purchase which is wrong (actually made 4-5).

Will the feature you used to have in the Order History also be fixed? The one where you could click on the order and it would bring up a copy of your invoice on the right?

That was to keep track of previous orders I've made because I've long deleted the e-mail order confirmations.

Thanks for your time,


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Level 100

Join date: Apr 2008
Posts: 42

I've been a level 4 for a couple of years and now I'm lowly zero. Also, every time I try to check my order history I get 504 Gateway Time-out.

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Level 2

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Sorry to be so late to the party .... I used to purchase whey protein from other sources and recently I started to buy the supplements here. My level is a lowly 0 and I would like others to see that I am not just a 'lurker' ; )

the powder really is worlds better than any previous product, IMO : )


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