Slow Hip Drive

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I'm trying to figure out a way to increase the speed of my hip drive. I have trouble getting decent drive which drastically effects cleaning the axle (or getting a continental clean high enough) and also getting the log shouldered. I've been practicing doing hang cleaning a little bit but still feel like I can't get it right.

I've been warming up with the hang cleans but I'm debating on doing a bunch of box jumps to prime my body for faster hip movement. Any thoughts?

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stretch hip flexors

deadlifts with bands that place tension on the bar early in the movement (helps "force" proper hip drive)

Dimel Deadlifts

like you said box jumps prolly good too

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hip thrusters... problem solved

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Switch speeds when your having sex

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Have you given Kettlebell swings a try?

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Power cleans, hang power cleans, speed pulls (deads with short bands or something- west side guys do them a lot), kettlebell swings, and jumps should all help with this.

Just curious- how is your grip? It's funny how your hips seem to lose their power when you switch to a fat bar power clean from a regular, for example...

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