What Were Your Sheiko Results?


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I'm curious about running Sheiko for a few months and am simply wondering about the gains people have experienced using this. So if you've run it and wouldn't mind sharing, please do.

I've been running 5/3/1 for football and wrestling season but am looking for something much more intense for the off-season.

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There is a Sheiko thread, where people post results and discuss about sheiko

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I did 29, then 37. After I got used to having nightmares in Russian and greeting everyone with "I must break you" it went great. It is brutal, but the results are significant. Everything tastes like vodka but vodka! I put 40 lbs on my squat, same on bench (lots of room to grow there) strained a lat so don't have DL numbers, but did a max on week 3 of 29 and had a 10 pr.

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Level 100

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I used Sheiko for about 6 months. My gains were modest, about 15lbs on my total. I've been at this for a long time, so that isn't insignificant. At the same time, however, the 2.5 and 3 hour sessions were a long time to spend in the gym for only a 15lb gain on my total.

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Mathew Bertrand

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Haven't maxed yet as I'm building up my volume and basline, but it's the most work I've ever done, and it's really helped my form.

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