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Training for First Push/Pull Meet

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I am going to do my first Deadlift and Bench competition in about 7 weeks, Need help on designing or suggestions on how I should prepare for this. Been doing 5/3/1 up until now for a while and made decent gains but I am thinking I will need to train strictly for Push/Pull. I need help. I will have about 4 days to train( monday,tuesday, friday and sunday)



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Don't do much assistance. Just hammer the big lifts. Do your sets and reps of 531 then hit a single at 85% and 92.5% of what your goal at the meet is.
At the meet you should have an opener 85% of your goal, second attempt 92,5% and final attempt obviously 100%

I would run through one last cycle of 531 then spend a couple weeks deloading, and eating until I make myself sick. Have some faith, and some fun. Good luck.



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stay with 5/3/1 do the minimum reps on squat day. The only thing is you may want to add some heavy singles to your deads/bench after you complete your required reps. 7 weeks will not give you too much time to make much more improvements so dont do anything drastic. Then when you are 2 weeks out you can basically squat light for 2 weeks and you will be fine. Same with overheads, if 2 weeks out you want to keep them light I say no problem. Just make sure the week leading up to the meet you are not doing any heavy work. Stay the path, you will be fine.



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Practice paused bench if you're not used to it. Have someone call the commands for you and make sure you setup according to your meet rules (butt, head, feet...).