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bcingu wrote:
Coaching is almost always beneficial in this sport, but you have to have faith in your coach in order to really derive said benefit.

Yeah I agree.

I get to train with a couple different coaches on occasion and I will do whatever they tell me to :D

But I have 100% respect and confidence and faith in what they tell me and I always feel like I'm getting advice from the best, even if I don't understand exact reasoning.

They don't do any of my programming, I do that on my own.

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alexus wrote:
i'm making decisions right now, too.

i have been getting in person coaching but i've become increasingly concerned that my coach seems to get more enjoyment from watching big guys throw around lots of weight than he does from technical proficiency.

i have been simply doing as he says for the last 6 months... and i have gotten a little stronger (though i don't know what would have happened if i'd have kept on as i was before)... vids tell me my technique has gotten worse.

i've learned that i need to train by myself for the most part or i start to go crazy. i need to cut back on the amount of time i train when my coach and other lifters are around and lift more by myself... but then of course i need a program...

anyway... i know people are all about 'get coaching in person if you can'. but then... i really think it depends on the person...

i really do think i do better with the stuff i've gotten off the internet. i mean... at least you guys explain *why* you think whatever you think. without the *why* i can't really have faith in you. i mean... i shouldn't. i mean... why would i??? training really is a very personal thing...

I mean absolutely no offence but maybe your being a bit stubborn. Everyone needs help, they'll be things only a coach will notice that you will never. On the internet people can go only go by what you post.

You could also have a bad coach. But you say you got stronger. So whats the problem?

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