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Journey to 100/120 Training Log!


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FS - Upto 117.5x3 - comfortable. Hopefully this should be increasing each week. When it slows down i'll think more about doing 3x3's or even 5x5's.

Hang - 5x5
47.5kg x1
50kg x1
57.5kg x1
70kg x1
77.5kg x1
80kg x1 - I was challenged to try and Sn 100kg. I was a little tired and hadnt eaten much all day but felt strong so accepted

90kg x1 - my mate weighs 100kg, missed his first attempt but got his 2nd. Got it first time, it was slow but that was due to me not concentrating.

100kg x1*,x1*,x1*,x1*,x1*,x1*,x1*,x1*,x1* - First attempt was soooo close, was in the catch tried to stand up and lost it behind. FRUSTRATING!!!! 2nd attempt was crap, 2nd pull went no where and lost it infront. 3rd attempt my left arm buckled, cracked me on the back of the head as i was getting out of the way. 4th got underneath it but pulled it over and behind me so lost it. 5th,6th and 7th all infront = crack 2nd pull. 8th under it but lost it infront and the last attempt was close again but lost it behind.

I think its my 2nd pull thats holding me back so i'm going to add in a few snatches from the blocks.

Competition = DRAW! So close though!

Rest of this week
15min bike, stretches and 5x5 Sn or CJ bar work

Slept on my shoulder at a funny angle last night and now I have serious pain running across the front of my shoulder.

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Join date: Apr 2011
Posts: 67

Gave myself a little longer to rest because of my shoulder.



120kg x3
130kg x3 - thought I'd struggled, hadn't slept well but it flew up.
135kg x3 - very happy. All were very comfortable. New pb I think.

137.5kg next next session.


5x5 bar

60kg 1
70kg x1
80kg x1
90kg x1
95kg x1
100kg 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Shoulder felt dodgy so stayed a comfortable weight practiced catching the bounce. Timing is tough in the beginning and it doesn't work if you catch it high. Sounds anvils but difficult to actually achieve.


115kg x3
120kg x3 - felt strong walking out of the rack. Last rep was forward a tad but I hadn't set myself. Easier to keep an upright position when you push you elbows together.

Sn -

Bar 5x5
40kg 1
50kg 1
60kg 1
65kg 1
80kg 1
90kg 1
100kg - 6 singles all fails dont know why!
95kg 1
95kg 1x
90kg 2x

Walked out the gym annoyed! Worst snatch workout of the year so far. Everything felt heavy and I wasn't finishing te pull. Forget about this one me thinks!!!

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