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Level 4

Join date: Apr 2012
Posts: 2

  • Age: 30
  • Height (inches): 69
  • Weight (pounds): 232
  • Occupation: Personal training sales consultant
  • Primary fitness goal: Lose fat
  • Secondary fitness goal: Gain muscle
  • Calories consumed on training days: 3500
  • Calories consumed on non-training: 3500
  • Carb grams consumed on training days: 100
  • Carb grams consumed on non-training days: 0
  • Days per week I train: 3
  • The time of day I train is: Morning
  • When I train, my gym is: Crowded
  • I have access to the following pieces of equipment: Bands, Kettlebells

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Level 4

Join date: Apr 2012
Posts: 2

I will upload pic next week,currently out of town. Currently probably 12%. I tend to build muscle and lose fat doing keto type diets. Carbs and I don't do to well together. Hoping indigo will change this. Last year was 221 at 6.5% when finished keto diet. Goal is to beat this. This time around hoping to do much less cardio.

Looking for critiques please.

Per workout foam roll then dynamic movements. Then follow ct,s hp hypertrophy mid day. Adding 10 to 12 jumps thought workout.

Cardio : basic sprint work 3x a week. 10 sec sprint I'm field 75 - 90 sec recovery. Repeat 5 x. Increase each week by 1 round. Also 20 min of easy steady state 5 to 6 days a week ( this is for brain improvement.... Another project)

Question sprints and jumps ok to add? Over kill?

Supps. MAG-10 ANACONDA Surge Alpha GPC. Chelated minerals. Buffered vit c, digestive enzymes etc

Food: breakfast grass fed eggs 6 whole ( adding when indigo gets here potatoes). I change the protein in morning to grass fed beef, buffalo etc each morning

Next meal water isolates Healrhy fats cashews and fish oils

Workout 3 scoops Surge 2 ANACONDA 2 MAG-10

Next meal same shake

Meats as breakfast with rice (white) veggies

Last meal eggs or steak veggies and healthy fats

Indigo 3 x a day

I wake up like clock work at 2 am and have to eat. Usually almond milk and cashews.

How's the food look? Could I pulse fast or is this overkill when using Indigo-3G?

I apologize for spelling errors. Typing on iPad is slow and painful!!!!

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Chris Shugart
Director of Content

Join date: Oct 2002
Posts: 17782

Welcome aboard! Be sure to hit us with any questions you may have in the daily "Live Coaching" Training Lab on the front page of TNation. We'll be sure to see them there. Here's a link to all the Labs: The top one is open for Q and A every day.

Remember, you need carbs for Indigo to work. See the Indigo Resources link at the top of every Coaching Lab for food ideas.

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Level 100

Join date: Aug 2007
Posts: 4893

Aloha Mojorising,

Welcome to the Indigo 'ohana'. Some of this information you might all ready be aware of, but I have been posting this in the new logs, hope it helps. :-)

Helpful Hints:

1. Don't wait to up your carbs
2. Get rid of any unhealthy carbs...keep them all clean
3. Get rid of wheat; though not a requirement, but most of us have switched over to gluten free products and recipes. A lot of us use rice based cereals like Cream of Rice or Rice & Shine; some use Cream of Buckwheat, or even Quinoa flakes.
4. Get rid of dairy/milk and switch over to Unsweetened Almond Milk or Unsweetened Coconut Milk, both are AWESOME!
5. Be leary of too much Oatmeal as the Avenin in it will have the same affect as the gluten does in wheat
6. Don't drink any form of Tea (Red, Black, White, Green) this will block the effects of Indigo-3G.
7. Don't take any concentrated forms of greens like Superfood, etc.
8. You don't need to take a fat burner while using Indigo-3G
9. Start saving money up now because you'll need to buy new clothes
10. Enjoy the'll want to just keep going, but be aware of how your body is feeling. A lot of us learned early on that Indigo-3G allows us to just keep going and we did, but then we fried our CNS. We have all since learned to take a break from time to time and do some Neural recharging type workouts.
11. Ask lots of questions over in the LiveSpill.
12. (like BiP says) Get lots of good quality sleep.
13. (like BiP says) Use Neural Charge workouts - you could devote one day a week to them, doing 1 or 2, or once every could of months do an entire week of NC only, or neural charge and high frequency strength work
14. (like BiP says and I totally agree) Drink 1-2 scoops Power Drive post workout, especially after NC workouts. Very good for neural recovery

Oh yeah...BTW

15. (Worth mentioning again) There is a guy on Indigo that you have to be leery of, especially be careful when you open up his log, he goes by Hip Scar. He seems like a nice enough person, nothing really abnormal about him except well ... he takes a lot of 'black box' pictures. Make sure you're in a location that other people cannot view your screen.
16. Another member to be watchful of is seph89 he is a little bit out there and always is spouting off BBBBBRRRRRAAAAAIIIIINNN CAAANNNNDDYYYYYYY and at times can give TMI. :-)
17. I have been informed I must add my name/log to the warning list (per BobFather5). WARNING: Do not go to HawaiiTunya's log when you're hungry as she loads food porn.
18. Oh yes...fruit...only eat it early in the morning's.
19. Drop all forms of 'fruit' juices. Full of sugar's.

Come over to the daily Live Coaching lab as there is a ton of amazing information shared every day; along with the the information we tend to spill lots of antics, razzing general harassment of our fellow teammates...all in good fun.

Again, welcome to the 'ohana'.


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