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Serge A. Storms
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There he is!

Happy Birthday. I think we SHOULD talk about it.

(I'll be there in about three more months)

Solid-looking plan there and congrats on those PRs.


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@Serge - thanks man. Yeah, the 40 thing....I'll email you with some thoughts on the subject......definitely takes some getting used to. Whiskey helps.

Today's session:

A) 15 minutes on the AirDyne bike

High Frequency Work (3 sets of 5 at about 50% of max done every day prior to main lifts)
B1) Front squat: 195 x 5/5/5
B2) Military press: 115 x 5/5/5

Main lift
C) Bench press: ramp to 1RM: 225/245/265/285/305/325/345/365/385 (probably had 395 or 405 in me today but stopped as I didn't have a spotter)
*between each warm up and ramp up set I do a submaximal set of chin ups (usually 4-5 explosive reps) followed by 10 kettle swings; this usually ends up being about 10 sets each of chins and swings during the ramp; this set up works great for keeping focus while keeping the heart rate up and the sweat flowing

D) Bench press: 5 x3 @ 255 (65% of 1RM) with 30 seconds rest between each set
5 x 2 @ 275 with 30 seconds rest between sets
5 x 1 @ 295 with 30 seconds rest between sets

E) Complex: close grip muscle snatch/military press/push press/back squat/behind the neck push press
* I vary the weight and rep schemes from day to day here; today I did 3 complexes of 4 reps each

F) Deadsquat bar farmers carry: 250 lbs x 60 yards x 3 w/ 60 seconds rest between carries

G1) Ring row: BW x 50 reps in as few sets as possible
G2) Push ups: BW x max reps with the number of sets dictated by the number of ring row sets