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Marshal's Barbell and Sprint Story


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I'm going to start ws4sb3. I will be doing the meat head template with conditioning 3-4 days a week. I was thinking about weight lifting 2 days a week and doing barbell complexes, sprints, and sled drags 3-4 days a week. my objective is to get in kick a** shape. has any one tried this?

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Eat a lot.

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T-Nation has an article called Twelve weeks to a better Deadlift which incorporates 3 lifting days with two conditioning days. the lifting is focused on Squat bench and dead. Conditioning days up to you with the weekends off. I'm sure you can substitute anyway you like. I had great success with this program as I ran it for over a year. Deads went from 405 jan2011 to max dead of 565 jan 2012. I'm utilizing it again to hit 600.

You can utilize the template any way you like. Add some stuff, change it but it's along the lines of what you want to do. Good luck.

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