Does Tabata Actually Work?


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Tabata's are brutal plain and simple.

Setup and design: durning the first "set" you hit as many reps as you possibly can. In each of the following sets you try to match that number.

Try this 12-15 ( in 20 secs) burpess every time for 8 rounds.

Tabata is a japanese swear word for " This exercise protocol sucks-sweaty-hairy-monkeyballs-dipped-in-shit"

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spk wrote:
try to do 10 tabata workouts the correct way.. one a week for ten weeks..i bet you complete 1-2..

if you do complete 1, i bet your next tabata workout, a week later, you wont finish because you will mentally loose it knowing how much you suffered from the first time..

done correctly, you gotta be a super stud, physically and mentally..

This is so true.

roon12 wrote:
^Further to what KBurnett said, the original test was performed at 170% VO2 Max.

Jab1: The Tabata study did not use Speed Skaters, however the protocol which is now known as 'Tabata' had been used by the Japanese Speed Skating team for several years.

Tabata tested physically active male students, most of whom were varsity sportsmen.

Thanks for the correction dude, appreciate it.

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Chris Colucci

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dreadlocks1221 wrote:
Could you do jump rope if you were to just go slow during the 10 second rest so you can immediately go as hard as possible for the 20 seconds?

That would be jump rope intervals. Not bad, but not Tabata. Also, I'd say that jumping rope fast for 20 seconds straight without tripping is a rare skill by itself.

Chad Waterbury has describe Tabatas:
"imagine you find yourself on some rail track and you hear the sound of train coming up behind you, you turn around and see a freight train thundering towards you... your only option to run, and run hard. You try to out run the train for 20 seconds and just as it is about to hit, you jump off the tracks onto another rail track.

Your lungs are bursting and your muscles are screaming at you but after just 10 seconds you hear another train coming and you have to run for your life again!!! That is the intensity - and guess what, you get chased by a total of 8 trains meaning you are running for your life for 4 minutes."

With that said, there have been a few articles about the Tabata interval protocol:
(The original from 2004) Tabata Method by Dan John:

The Tabata Method, Perfected by Dan John:

Six New Tabata Workouts for Fat Loss by Nick Tumminello:

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