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Race to 315 Squat and Deadlift 2.0


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Hit 345 for 3, wait 15 secs, hit another 3 on the deadlift yesterday.



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flipcollar wrote:
I'd forgotten about this thread. Obviously I wasn't in for the 315 challenge, but I figured I'd post a couple relevant things. Last night I did 10 sets of 3, first couple at 315, then the last 8 at 295. 315 was just too much for me to maintain for 10 sets and stay explosive. At the end of the workout, I realized I did the whole thing belt-less. If I had been thinking about it, I might have strapped on my belt and stayed at 315. But a good session either way.

As far as the 405x10 deadlift, I think I could hit it now. My 1rm is not what it was last September (500), but I'm in much better condition. If I remember, I'll give it another shot at the end of this week.

Good job! Don't know when I'll give the deadlift thing a go since I'm more focused on getting it ready for a meet in early July (hoping for 235kg).

But I've made some progress on my previously stated goal of hitting 315 (142.5kg) for a beltless ATG 5 x 5. Have hit 140kg for 5 x 5 (last two sets belted), so it should come soon enough.