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I'm not much into weight lifting, I'm a mountain climber and hiker but I would like to incorporate strength training into my workout. I have a schedule of what days I can do strength training, based on cardio and endurance training, as well as my work schedule. On the days marked "full or lower body" I would prefer they were full body but I'll leave that to the discretion of someone who is more involved in strength training.

I would like to incorporate: Squats, deadlifts, OH press, bench press, clean and jerks(or clean and presses), snatches, weighted pull-ups and weighted dips into the program as a minimum, along with any other exercises that might be applicable to mountain sports. I already have a good abs/core workout so I don't need any help with that.

Any help on recommended exercises, sets/reps, and structuring a routine would be a lot of help. My schedule is as follows:

Week 1 - Tuesday (upper body), thursday(full or lower body)
Week 2 - Monday (upper body), wednesday (full or lower body), friday (upper body)
Week 3 - Tuesday (full or lower body), thursday (upper body)
Week 4 - Monday (full or lower body), wednesday (upper body), friday (full or lower body)

I should probably mention I'm only looking to train for strength not asthetics

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Okay I can try to help, just know that I am not a super strong individual so you might want to see what the other folks here has to say too.

Okay here goes:

On every strenght training day you can do something like this:

1 olympic lift( clean or snatch variation )
1 lowerbody lift( squat or deadlift variation )
1 upperbody pressing excercise( bench, dips or OHpress variation )
1 upperbody pulling excercise ( row or chins variation.

You can change the order of the excercises, so as an example you can do the lift you want to improve the most
first in the day etc.

When it comes to sets and reps you can do 3-5 setts x 5-10 reps on the regular lifts, but when it comes to the olympic lift I cant tell you much because I dont do them myself, I have read thou that they are more suited to low reps( 3-1 ).

I think that something like this would be good for you based on your scedule.

Hope it was helpfull and good luck with your goals.

Ps. Here is some reading material:

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"I am not much into weightlifting".

look into an established strength program.

WS4SB, Texas method, 531, whatever.

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