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pwolves17 wrote:
Claudan wrote:
We are aware that lifting weights for weight-loss is extremely inefficient, right?



everybody is so fucking literal. All i'm saying is, if you are a fat fuck, just lose some weight straight up, get a good diet, and start running a little. get your balance and endurance up, and after like two months of solid progress, pick up the weights and obviously scale down on the cardio.

One thing I've realized is that; to me, and to other 'athletic' people, it comes natural what the weight-room entails. For sedentary individuals, it's always a good idea to get that vascular element going, as well as just general mobility and coordination benefits as well.

But okay, i'm starting to notice that i'm throwing the word 'efficient' around pretty loosely... lmao

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Well, it's been about a month and thought I'd check in....

I started off with the second routine in the original post because it allowed me to keep squatting. Squat is up to about 150 x 3 x 5, and DL is coming along too. I didn't do the 10 x 3 routine simply because I already had a week or so in, and I figured I can ride it out for at least a month and see what happens. I also slowly transitioned into the first version posted above, but I think I need to tweak it a bit w/ at least a DL somewhere; though, I think I need to drop bentover rows soon for something w/ less intensity.

For cardio, I did begin incorporating henriques' plan posted above, but with less frequency (2-3 times/week) because I already do a moderate amount of walking and I'm also doing HIIT (6 30-second bike sprints w/ 2 min active rest) twice a week. Sometimes I'll do half of the walking before the HIIT and half after.

Nutrition-wise, I began w/ 2700 cal a day and 225 protein, 100g carbs. I found that wasn't quite enough... maybe because I had already been limited to ~150g carbs for about the last year. I slowly transitioned this to about 2500 cal on workout days and 2300 on off days. Likewise, my carbs are actually up on working days (180) and about half that on off days, so I cut out the fats; my protein is up a bit as well at 240g, and it's pretty much all from fish or chicken breast. I'm counting cals, macros, the works, and timing my meals; I consume almost all my carbs peri-workout, except on off days, where they're every other meal. I'm consuming more fruit now (2x day) compared to maybe once every other day and eating less vegetables, though I could easily use these as a vessel for fats. Fullness has not been a factor, but I often get toward the end of the day and realize I am approaching my calorie maxes and will drop the fats and carbs to stay under as I get stricter, despite following my macros, so planning has been an issue. I am also skiploading once a week, which is awesome.

The results? Well, I'm down about 10 lbs in a month, so I'll take that. Visually, my girl said I looked more pumped when I was lifting heavy, but my chest is leaner; she also said I have bigger love handles now, though my waist has shrunk. Forgot pics/measurements today (Skipload day), so they'll have to wait until next week. Hard to say on strength, but improving slowly. Just this past week I've begun to feel a bit slow/drained, but I also had some issues with undereating a couple days and I felt amazing the day after I skipped the HIIT. In the gym, though, I am BORED.... screw exercise variation: I want 3-4 to really focus on. Now I'm doing like 20 different lifts and it seems like none of them matter and progress is so slow; it also makes it easy to forget doing a lift outright. The change in routine did help create buy-in, however, and I don't expect too much of myself because it's all new, so I just do it and let the results speak for themselves.

At this rate, I have about 6 weeks to go and I can begin focusing on strength/recomp again.

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