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What is the Ultimate Anaconda Protocol?

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I have been using the 3 FINiBAR Anaconda protocol and it has been amazing. I went through some of the posts and Mod Brian said that there was synergy between Surge Workout Fuel and the FINiBARs. If money was not an issue, what protocol would give the maximum benefits to gaining muscle. Which supplements could be used?
Alpha Male, Rez V, Receptor Max... just to name a few.
I would really appreciate a response.

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Mod Brian
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The "ultimate" protocol would be tailored to each athlete's specific needs and their training each day, similar to what Christian does for Daryl, Alex, and the other athletes he trains.

In most cases it wouldn't be drastically different from Anaconda Protocol 1. You'd just have some fine tuning based on your training and how you respond to the supplements.

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