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Expiremented with 2x Alpha-GPC

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I dunno if it was placebo or what....but i tried 2 caps of Alpha-GPC my last workout along with Anaconda protocol 2 and I'm pretty sure it was quite noticable.

The only other change was that we had a pot luck at work that day and I gorged myself all day.

I felt extremely "dialed in", ready to go immediately after a set, and blew a PR away pretty significantly, after making a big jump already the previous week.

Does anyone else have any similar experiences or any science to drop on me that says 2 caps is overkill?


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The Mighty Stu
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I've been using 2 caps since I first started having it pre-workout over a year ago. Never thought of lowering to just one cap because I've just been very happy with this dosing. I'm sure like most supps, overall bodyweight can have some effect on recommended amounts, but if you've noticed no negatives, and been content with your results, why change anything?


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