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I am doing the Insanity program in the morning and weights in the afternoon (4 times per week weights). I have been doing the Anaconda Protocol 2 for the lifting sections, and plain water for the Insanity sections in the morning -I drink a protein shake within 30 minutes after the Insanity video ends.

I am 200 pounds; I want to gain lean muscle; I am using Insanity as training for a half marathon in May; I have been doing this Insanity program for 4 weeks, and going to the gym around 8 to 9 times per week Which has been challenging but I have been able to manage.

I know it would be optimal to be able to take the Anaconda protocol in the morning with my insanity training and another one with my weights training in the afternoon (is that a correct assumption?), yet that would be a significant amount of money. Would you guys recommend something for me that would give me energy for the Insanity workouts and can help me recover quicker without breaking my bank?


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John Schlecht
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I'm not sure what the insanity program is, or the type of energy system demand it places on the body.

However, I recommend you use the ANACONDA Protocol with your weight training sessions. The ANACONDA Protocol contains ingredients specifically to aid in resistance training. Increased fluid retention in the muscles, joints and overall hydration, improved muscle contractions, buffering of fatigue causing toxins, increasing specific hormonal efficiency, and starting the recovery process DURING the workout NOT AFTER to name a few. These are specific to intense weight training and what the protocol is designed to improve. The "level" of protocol you use, depends on the demand/stress your weight training program.

I think you'd be able to consume a regular meal 45 minutes or so (depends on how well you tolerate food in your stomach during training) before your morning workouts.

I suggest a smaller meal, consisting of fast digesting forms of protein (for more efficient absorption and a greater spike in blood amino acid levels) and carbs.

A Whey isolate shake and rice (if tolerated) or quinoa meal (flavor with Splenda and cinnamon) would fit the bill nicely. The rice/quinoa meal is a good carb choice if the workouts aren't much longer than an hour. A "slower" source of carbs (or you can add some fat and fiber to the rice/quinoa meal...nut butter and a fiber supplement) would be a better choice for longer lasting workouts, especially if they're for longer runs or more "cardio" based workouts.

FINiBARs would be a wise investment for your marathon training. They're designed specifically for this type of training.

Hope that helps.

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