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Anaconda Protocol 2 - Full Review

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*NOTE* I am not an employee of Biotest. This is a semi-biased review, though, as I went into this product's use with high expectations. For that reason, I cannot discount the possibility of experimental bias. I can however, point out the fact that numbers don't lie, and they are the foundation of my judgments regarding this protocol. *NOTE*

Format: I will briefly explain where I'm starting from with regards to the AP2's implementation, touch on my expectations of the products, then get into how it was all applied. If you don't like reading, well, that sucks.

So, There's a Gun in my Hand

And I'm thinking, "straight through the base of the skull. Take out all that important junk, and this stops." But, dammit, there is no gun, not really, but I really want there to be. See, it's been four days since I've slept, and six since I could take a step without feeling my knees buckle and my quads twist like dry wood in a fire. And breathing, that's just a bitch.

I have back issues, you see.

These days, that collection of symptoms is pretty rare. Normally I have the usual aches and pains, plus a dry twisting in my bones that makes everything suck. Sometimes. it's a fickle thing.

Anyway. This applies to my training in that the constant irritation of my nervous system creates fatigue which simply can't be ignored. This obviously effects endurance, muscle recruitment, and technical skill. Supplementation is the only way I've found to mitigate the effects. And, through years of trial and error, I have a developed good feel for when something's working.

Beta Alanine was a gift from God, I believe. Kept me from popping myself off, and got me through the worst of my issues. Haven't used it for a few years, though. Til the protocol. And damn, had I missed it.

Alpha-GPC, I was excited to try, as it would be a first. Had heard interesting, if contradictory, things about it.

Everything else in the protocol, with the exception of the timing change to nutrient intake, was going to be new.

Training and implementation to follow.

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Training - Program, Limitations

I follow usually a four-day split; Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri. Mon and Thurs = Pull, Glutes & Hams. Tues/Fri = Push/Quads.

Six days a week I train karate four 75-90 minutes. All lifting days, this occurs previous to lifting.

I train starting one hour, 45 minutes after waking.

Due to back issues, as well as having asymmetrical joint development between left/right sides, I no longer bench, squat, or dead lift. Can't even use Hammer Strength machines for pressing. Only chest movements I have available are cable flyes and presses. No direct trap work. Lateral raises, occasionally. Pec dec for rear deltoids.

Hell, here's my programming:


Chin-ups from rotating handles, various widths (never outside shoulders) !!
Dumbbell Biceps Curl
Bent-Over, Bench-Supported Dumbbell Row (Kroc Row)*
Rope-Grip Cable Curl, various positions**
Face Pull**

Lying Leg Curl, Single Leg
Glute/Ham Raise [or angled back extension, whichever feels better]
Reverse Cable Leg Swing or Reverse Cable Back Kick (again, whichever doesn't irritate back)

*I pull high, to armpit, or low, to hip, depending on level of back irritation and what area of back I'm trying to improve

**If it doesn't irritate back. Sometimes super-set Face Pull with lower lat activation work.

!!sometimes super-set with one-arm cable rows, while in semi-bent position. For shoulder stability, additional lat work.

I also try to make up for lack of variance in angles of stress on biceps with total volume or poundage.


Overhead Dumbbell Press or T-Position Overhead Dumbbell Press [alternate session to session]
Cable Low to High Flyes
Standing Cable Press, High Position, on Downward Angle
Rope-Grip Cable Overhead-Forward Extension

Lunging Step-Up from Bench, or Reverse Lunge (alternate session to session]

Posterior Delt Work - Pec Dec or Machine Flye Machine

Not the Best, But It's What I Got

Certainly not a set-up I'd recommend for anyone, but it's what I've found over the years which lets me train, make gains, and keep everything moderately healthy.


Around 3750 calories a day on lifting days, 3500 on non. 45/30/25% cut of protein/fat/carbs either setup.
Remained the same going into the protocol, though after a few days of it I got some insane carb cravings. Basically had to double my carb intake to feel human.

All right, boring stuff out of the way. Next post - stats, effects!

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Stats: Before, After

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 188
BF%: 13%
Arms, Cold, Flexed: Left: 15.75" Right: 16"

Height: 7'13" *
Weight: 200
BF%: 12%
Arms, Cold, Flexed: Left: 16.1** Right: 16.5"

**My tape measure shows inches, and has the little marks in between, and I couldn't tell exactly where it fell.

Okay, here's what contributed to all that.

Two Weeks, One Cup

Or bottle. Whatever. First week, ran combination of 2 Scoops, Anaconda, 1, MAG-10. Not needing TRIBEX/M after was cool. Alpha-GPC upon waking.

First workout, noticed a difference in "crispness" of technique. After my warm-up, felt like everything was popping like it should, like I had a very in-depth technical warm-up as opposed to 10 minutes of buildup. After karate, noticed I didn't have the ache in my back which normally accompanies such activity.

In fact, hadn't felt much of anything aside from a dull ache. Also, no mental fog from that level of neural fatigue. 10 minutes before karate termination, get a few gulps of the Anaconda/Mag-10 mix.

Lifting was slightly easier. Again, same level of "crisp" technical flow. Didn't have to warm-up as much to get in the groove. But I did, anyway.

Doing 8x3 on chins, one bodyweight set, then add weight. Same with all other stations, except rows and leg stuff.

Finished mix about 10 minutes after workout. Probably could have drank more throughout.

After felt slightly buzzed, like too much caffeine. Muscles weren't as fatigued as normal, and wasn't feeling the effects of the back pain which I normally do.

Second session, push:

The same as above. Actually, stayed the same as that the whole first week. Again, 2 Scoops, Anaconda, 1 Mag-10.

Surge Workout Fuel

This is what I was jonesing for, so I held off to not poison the data with expectation. Same pre-lifting stuff as always, start a few gulps 10 minutes before karate termination.

Everything is easier, damn easier with this. I get more technical work done through my 75-90 minutes of karate than normal by the end of the week, and the lifting is just quick. 45 minutes for an hour's worth of volume. Can get up to 10 sets with the same weight as used on sets 9 and 8.

Feel more full throughout the workout. And it's easier to drink. Re-introduce whey shakes after lifting.

Weeks 3-6: Full Protocol

This is where I start to get lit up. I'm simply not experiencing back pain throughout my karate, for two weeks. It comes back, but it always has before. But it doesn't stop my workouts, where before it could put me on my knees if I coughed too hard.

I feel like I am fully exerting myself, whereas before I was holding back. Shit, I haven't lifted this hard, hard enough to start sucking wind and seeing black at the corners of my vision in my first few sets on station one since before I hurt my back, and the few months after I got my bodyweight over 200.

My numbers on everything went up an average of 20%. Except for Kroc Rows, as I'm at the edge just doing those. I'm not posting, as everything I do is bi-lateral, thus no number is impressive. For me, though, seeing a jump like I have over the last six weeks is insane.

And the recovery. SHIT. I do get sore, fatigued, but I have to drive myself into the floor to get there. And like I said earlier, I've double my carb intake, and I obviously lost fat.

And, oh yeah, I put on muscle. I thought I was past that part of my physical life. Everything is tighter, except my polos, because those sit large on me, and my pants are looser at the waist, and fucking painted on at the quads. Still have a minimum-sized ass, though.

Thank God, though, put most of that 12# on across my upper body. I actually have chest size, and a definite increase in shoulder width. Haven't seen that happen since the good old days.

I'm actually a hair over 200#. That number is first thing in the morning, just post crap. After I eat and drink, I'm carrying more. Why's that important? Well, you nosy sonofabitch, I haven't been able to weigh at or above 200 without literally throwing up from the forced cramping around my middle back since I was 20. And I feel fucking fantastic.

Pros, Cons, Stuff I'd Change coming next.

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Pros: Products as Stand-Alones, Protocol

Turns out you can't pluralize Alone. Aint that a bitch?

Anyway. The MAG-10 and Anaconda mix felt great. I had a more full feeling in my muscles after every workout, and had more endurance. It became slightly easier to eat carbs, and obviously didn't affect my leanness. Strangely, also don't get the "fog" that eating carbs used to cause. I would be interested in the mechanics of that.

The Surge Workout Fuel rocks my . . . well, it rhymes with socks, and it ain't my box. Absolutely love this.


Simply put, I'm not looking forward to training without this full mix. I am always hungry, and always thirsty. ALWAYS. That's why I started drinking Surge back in the angel food days. It made it so I didn't fall asleep from hunger-pains during my workouts.

This actually kept me from getting hungry/thirsty throughout my training, and made it easier for me to consume mass quantities. The healthy feeling I have from using this product is very real. I don't get the fatigue from my injuries. On a scale of one to 10, 1 being what I get now, and 10 being Proof of the Hateful God, this protocol is worth it.


Okay, the first few workouts with 40oz of fluid was difficult. By the fourth workout, though, it was fine, and had no problems.

Flavor bottles have a tendency to drip more than my girls area immediately after I turn on the Vash charm*.

*I'm single.

Also, maybe I messed up at some point, but using one to-the-brim filled cap of Alpha-GPC a day, I got 20.5 cap fulls. I know I didn't spill any, so I'm guessing I was supposed to use less of the cap.

Obviously, I need to touch on the price. Not everyone is willing or able to pay the $200+ ticket for this. For me, in my situation, for my goals, it was well worth it.

I can't by the flavor bottle separately. God Dammit. WANT.

Seriously, that's all I can complain about.

Things I'd Change

Not so much a product thing, as a marketing thing.

I'd like to see a Protocol Pack which didn't include the bottle, while still keeping that discount. Not a complain, but would be nice.

Final Thoughts

For someone who's looking to put on quality size without significant fat gain, and who can do much more than I, this combination rocks. Yes, there are products on the market with similar profiles, but I've used them. Most of them. I've gotten other people to try pretty much all of the "Anaconda Alternatives" offered by other sales teams. This product is simply superior.

Of course, eat big. This will only help that, though. I'm still hungry. Right fudgin' now.

So, get it. It will be worth the full protocol for at least one go-through. Otherwise, try the products separately. It is well worth the price of admission.

And holler at Biotest to get the flavor packages on sale. God Dammit.

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