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Adding a Week of a Previous Phase?

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My buddy & I have been going hard at the I,BODYBUILDER program for 8 weeks now (4 weeks per phase to correct form, make gains, and become familiar with the workouts) and a question/thought came up that we wanted some pros/cons regarding.

Q: Since we go at the program for 4 weeks at a time, it'd be rouhgly 5 months until we come back to a given PHASE and we were concerned about not really, for example, working shoulders or back or whatever for that long of a period (other then twice a week with the full body workouts that are included).

Q: Would there be a benefit to adding a week of the previous phase before the next one? (example: after 4 weeks of back, and we're about to get into legs, do 1 week of shoulders since we last did it over a month ago).


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