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Airtruth wrote:
I've heard tons of BB stress contraction but nobody does it as intense as Kai. Pretty amazing

Dorian Yates.

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TheGreatXavi wrote:
Lorez, youre an idiot


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Vagina Whisperer wrote:
LoRez wrote:

I mean, it's Kai, and it's supposed to be revered, and anyone who doesn't revere him should be shunned. At what point should I stop mocking that?

I lol'd HARD

LoRez I think for your own sake you should just give up arguing your case, whatever that might be...?

If you keep training for a few years, and learn by experience, and make some decent gains, and develop the kind of mmc that everyone here is talking about that you have yet to understand and develop, I advise you not to revisit this thread due to risk of death from cringe-related causes

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Piano and applying precise force and leverage to an object is more in common with a powerlifter. You are controlling the movement, not the muscle. MMC is controlling the muscle precisely and focusing less on the movement, almost ignoring the resultant movement of the object and the force exerted on it. The opposite of what I'd imagine a concert pianist does.

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