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Decided to have a look at refining my bench press technique after a rather poor session today. First found a few sites that recommended using a semi-powerlifting style to limit damage to the shoulder while still stressing the pecs, with shoulders pulled back and elbows half tucked-in. However, in CT instructional video he also recommends shrugging the shoulders up.

Does anyone shrug there shoulders up like suggested in the video. If not what do you guys do?

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I started shrugging up for the bench press ever since I watched that video when it was released. My shoulders have never felt better. The bar moves smoothly and I feel a lot more stable.

Edit: I use fatgripz too, those make it awesome on my shoulders.

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I don't know what bench press form to use at all, lol. Three things I keep consistent are: a big arch, tight lats, scapulae retracted (like a band pull-apart). But lately (since I'm on a bench press spec right now while my patellar tendonitis heals) I've been screwing around with different grip widths and feet placement (heels on ground or going up on my toes) and I'm not sure what feels right yet. I know with grip width, I'm much more powerful/explosive with a medium grip, but feel my pecs much better on a slightly wider grip.

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