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And like the dreaded Death Stair Master, this thread is done.

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The Mighty Stu
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Professor X wrote:
The Mighty Stu wrote:
By this point, we all know what X's approach to training was and we all know his opinion on matters such as how well the top competitive natural bodybuilders have done and it's lack of relevance to everyone else.

How do you know its relevance to everyone else? You seem to think you speak for the majority.

Simply put, most people don't give a flying piss in the wind about ever even using that as the only standard is where you lose relevance.

Wow, all I typed was that you've already made known your opinion of competitive bodybuilding and it's "lack of relevance to everyone" and you still manage to start arguing that -lol. Seriously, I couldn't make up this stuff.

I'm not attacking him with this reply, but he doesn't need to steer every single thread back towards those matters in his own inimitable style. Hence the 'X-Nation' moniker I see this site has earned on FB and other online forums.


Wow. If that is the case, you blame those people doing that. I post on this site in my spare time. If that has literally changed this forum and threatened so many....should I be ashamed or proud? I personally think it is crazy if anyone is supporting those who act like you seem to be.

I'm not quite sure what your reply here actually means. I don't think I'm taking a malicious stance in pointing out that most of your replies in any thread all seem to move in the same direction (as of my present typing, I just finished reading someone else pointing out how you've gotten your threads confused,.. funny that). Nor, is it some indication that people here are "threatened" by you (you like throwing that around a lot,... threatened, jealous, want you shut you up...) because I've seen the site referenced elsewhere in less than flattering terms due to your very obvious polarizing presence.

As to whether you should be ashamed or proud of that is entirely your call, but I have a sneaky suspicion I know how it'll go.


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