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MassiveGuns wrote:
super saiyan wrote:
MassiveGuns wrote:
super saiyan wrote:
It would seem there isn't much to discuss because the same person keeps rehashing the same topic in multiple threads and refuses to discuss any topic in a civil manner.

There isn't much to discuss since you are more interested in following PX around like a girl with a teenage crush and posting oh so clever "humiliations" which really make you look like a small child that got spanked and now wants to get its own back.

You could try debating my points? Crazy fucking idea I know!

Everyone has debated your posts to death and you still keep up with the delusion. No natty needs to shed 34 pounds of water weight if he's sitting at 6% year round.

Posting pictures and saying LOOK LOOK LOOK counts as debate? Because thats the sum total of the intellectual debate that's made it into this thread. Maybe when the new thread starts to continue this on we can all make an effort to debate this properly and keep the insults to a minium.

Cock face.



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Professor X
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MassiveGuns wrote:
Professor X wrote:
UtahLama wrote:

I notice that you did not address what I said in my post...

"A natty freak that nobody has ever heard of...who grew to Olympia level proportions with EVER BULKING?? I would think you would be curious too?"

That IS the topic we were discussing.

I didn't address it because I have seen this before...and nothing comes from it but a bunch of guys arguing about what is impossible....when most of the ones arguing wouldn't even rate as "above average" in genetic potential themselves.

I mean, shit, in the 1990's, no one thought you could built an 18" arm without steroids.

It makes as much sense as going back in time and bitching that no one can do it ever on some old ass 1990 tech internet service provider.

I guess it's the reason why so few people actually achieve anything. People are far more concerned with whats possible than what they actually want to achieve.

Yes folks, there are limits, anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that.

But get too caught up in what they are and how you know they are absolute, and you will do nothing bar reinforce them.

I have a feeling that anyone here who has more than two brain cells can see the logic in that, but I guess people need to save face and need to stick it to PX so we end up with this clusterfuck.

Good post.

It has gotten old. I am here to make progress...and I have for years and posted the pics to show it.

I want to help others do the same. It would be nice if people who have done less than I have would let that happen.

i am all for learning from others as well who actually know more...but getting followed around by people who have less muscle than I do and less education about how their body works makes this forum less "challenging".

I don't care if people feel my "ego" is too big. I am here to make the rest of me big also and then lean down.

This other crap is for school girls.

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