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Z-12 = Awesome

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Too funny! I love Z-12. I have absolutely terrible time sleeping and always have. I tried it last month and I works like a charm! I did notice that I have to take 4 caps. a day to get very solid sleep though. It does give me vivid dreams; although nothing like you guys with midgets in Batman suits chasing me around!

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John Meadows wrote:
Being that I don't have a colon, I wake up alot to use the bathroom, and prolly miss out on some REM sleep. I am pretty pumped about Z-12 because I am pretty sure I hit REM faster as I have some insane dreams when I take vivid.

Anyone else have crazy dreams from Z-12.

Yup, I do but not any crazy violent ones.
I have vivid dreams every night though whether I take Z-12 or not...I must be lucky enough to hit that REM pretty well! Z-12 allows me to wake up feeling like I got a couple more hours of sleep than I actually did.

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Z-12 gives me consistently great sleep but does cause vivid dreams, sometimes bad, I find with a lower dosage they're not as bad. 4 pills = ridiculously vivid crazy dreams. 2/3 pills = great sleep but not as intense.

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