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TheJonty wrote:
Robert A wrote:
_noctis_ wrote:
Leaked DLC Script:


Congratulations on managing to get me excited, and then just remind me of how badly I fell for this game/shitty ending on only your second post.

Really, that was pretty damn good.

For a follow up, I am pretty sure there is no actual Santa, but I like Christmas anyway...have at it.

On the note of "endings" for ME3:

This is a fanfiction ending generator that doesn't really suck and pretty much drives home how Bioware was either going for shitty or the team there just has some very different ideas of what makes a good ending than I do.


Robert A

noctis' link didn't work for me, but the videos made me laugh.

That fanfiction ending generator almost me had me tearing up as I read it. Then I remembered it's not what actually happened and I'm still stuck with this shitty fucking ending until the DLC shows up. Trying to keep my hopes in check but it's hard. Still haven't started a second campaign playthrough.

A google search of 'super special sneak preview' should bring it up (ferretbrain is the website)

Thought this was interesting:

(just want to mention - this only unlocks the character, no dialogue or cut scenes, missions etc.)

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been playing for a few days now. Fucking love it. as I did all the MEs. That and Dead Space franchise are my favorites of all time..

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