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Big Kahuna wrote:
harrypotter wrote:
Big Kahuna wrote:
harrypotter wrote:
Fuzzyapple.Train wrote:
Her natural beauty is better in my opinion. What I am attracted to.

You're into those lips aren't you?

Hell, I bet most men would imagine her lips wrapped round summat. Maybe a pretzel.

The best part is not having to imagine. I'm sure there's no less than two hundred videos illustrating that very thing, out there, right minute folks.

And I have no idea who she is.

Samantha Saint man, it lists all their names in the info next to their photos in the slideshow.

Just seen some different pics of her, no enhanced lips either.

WHat the fuck was she thinking? her lips were great, now they're pathetic, even though they'd look good wrapped round my D.

Cosmetic surgery+stupid woman = fail

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Mr Stern

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Karado wrote:
"I have an idea, how about YOU start wearing make-up and then you'll not only be on a level playing field with the girls but will be much better looking than the rest of us chums."

Another hypnotized Aussie who loves the illusion of Make-up, I've been down under and the
women over there are butt ugly and need the mask just the same,
Go back to eating your vegemite sandwich enjoying the illusion Crocodile Max.

Haha how many girls would go to such a night club (No makeup). Half of those girls probably scare themselves when they look in the mirror in the morning... Better start plucking those eye brows Billy Boy!

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