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April Photo/Video Check In


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First time to check in. Always a work in progress!

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Here is all I have for you guys now. I don't do these often but I thought I would give it a try.....

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heavythrower wrote:
looking fit and solid Duce. wheels?

I don't have a mirror to make that very easy. I'm working hard on them though.

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Spock81 wrote:
K UHGG I am posting a picture!!

I know I am no where lean like losta folk here, but I am working on it! I started trying to lose weight early on in march, and I am down about 9 pounds so far. Looking to lose another 10+ more.
Sitting at 141lbs today, wanna be between 125-130!!

You look more muscular in that picture than most of the men I know

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