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Other T-Men Who Don't Like Sports?

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Nards wrote:
I like sports only when I'm there watching them live...even hockey, the sport I love the most is one where I don't get too excited when I watch it on TV.

I must say that I really can watch World's Strongest Man quite intensely, if that counts.

That and most combat sports.

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I don't like watching sport and I really don't care even if hockey is pretty big here.

I could never handle the amount of break they take. My attention just gives up. It always feel like you're watching 10 seconds of action followed by 50 secs of watching the replay/the audience/the referee/whatever and then you have a 2 minute commercial. WTF how can people even be entertained by that.

Then if you can handle 1 complete period, you're granted a 20 minute break between period to here the commentator speak, but mostly plug their sponsor.

I'll never get it.

Canadians are getting eliminated in the face-off tonight, and it's always an enjoyable moment of the year when people finally STFU about it.

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hungry4more wrote:
chillain wrote:
hungry4more wrote:
Lonnie123 wrote:
I have never understood the fascination with sports. I can appreciate the level of athleticism and the amount of work that goes into being that good at something, but to get SO involved with it as some do is something I cant relate to. I'm kind of a low key guy though, so thats probably just how I am.

This for me basically. I can enjoy a game of football or rugby or something, but I simply don't understand what gets some people SO serious about other grown men playing games in a field. It's not even like the average sports fan has ANY way to truly appreciate the dedication required to make it to that level, so it's not like there's generally a connection there.

Maybe I subconsciously view it as people trying to live vicariously through pro's lives. Or is it subconscious now that I typed it out?

Yeah, but one can easily say the same about those who follow bodybuilding and/or powerlifting competitions as simply watching other grown (wo)men do stuff.

Of course, all of us here enjoy and admire the discipline involved but as far as being a fan/spectator goes, I fail to see really any difference at all between "competitive sports on a field" and "competitive strength/physique-related" endeavors.

edit - well, besides the latter not actually even being sports :)

Difference is, most people here actually lift weights, and a good deal take it at least somewhat it's following something that you're involved in. I would venture a guess that, relatively speaking, a LOT less NFL fans ever even played high school football, let alone college level.

Not that I begrudge people for loving sports they've never played, just an observation. If you enjoy it, good on you.

That reminds me of how when I started lifting at 18 I saw a Muscle & Fitness at the supermarket and threw it in with all the tuna, eggs, broccoli and milk and I realized..."Wait...I can actually use this!" It was neat for a guy like me who's not into sports very much and had never played any to be included into something sporty.

Sure the magazine can be a lot of fluff, but if you're a smart reader you can get a lot of information out of an issue, especially when you're completely new to lifting.

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Is it a general lack of interest or a lack of understanding the sport? I know quite a lot will slag off on a sport without giving a chance to learn some key fundamentals of the game. I was like that with rugby until I saw a good team play and this year I've watched all games of that team and followed the game to some extent.

Fairly selective personally, only sports I'll watch are basketball, soccer, rugby, some motorsports (F1, V8 Supercars, WRC) as well as combat sports (K1, UFC, Pride). Given baseball, football (NFL & australian rules), ice hockey, cricket a try but seriously just can not for the life of me keep up with them. NFL is probably the easiest to watch of those but the number of commercials in between put me off it. I like a good 40 - 90 minute event without many interruptions between the game play as well as a showcase of team skill.

Soccer is a more acquired taste I guess and you really have to come from a culture that follows it to really be able to tolerate it. I'll only watch the champions league, world cup, euro championship as well as the Bundesliga and the EPL. Other competitions put me to sleep.

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kakno wrote:
I love playing sports, especially the ones I suck at, but only watch the really big games. World/European cup, Champions League final, olympic finals or so. Partly because Sweden is only decent at hockey, and of course send all the good players to the NHL so we only get to see them if they don't make the playoffs. We have one good football ("soccer") player and he switches teams faster than the networks can buy broadcasting rights.

I'd probably watch the shit out of Bundesliga, but can't justify getting cable just for that.

You have two. Guidetti is the other one.

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I follow Strongman and Powerlifting other than that not really... I can't even remember who played in last years Super Bowl, I have never not once in person or on TV watched even half a Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Soccer, or Golf game just to name a few.

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seeing as how we're up to page 8:

if one dislikes organized sports, are their parents to blame?

if one dislikes organized sports, will their children's overall development be compromised?

if one dislikes organized sports, can one even be 'T-man/woman' in the first place??

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Quiet Warrior

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Teledin wrote:as well as combat sports (K1, UFC, Pride).

Bad news for you bro, PRIDE does not exist anymore.

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MMA and Nascar, don't know if their sports, i guess, other than that nothing, lost interest in hockey couple strikes ago, over payed pretty boys, even starting to lose interest in UFC now, same kind of thing

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chillain wrote:
seeing as how we're up to page 8:

if one dislikes organized sports, are their parents to blame?

if one dislikes organized sports, will their children's overall development be compromised?

if one dislikes organized sports, can one even be 'T-man/woman' in the first place??

hungry4more is about as "T-man" as you can get so yes you can be a T-man and not like sports. I know guys who are alpha and don't like sports. They would rather chase bitches than sit on the couch watching men play a game.

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my point was that i dont like mma. but i could derail this thread a hundred different ways

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