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White Rice as Post-Workout Meal

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I remember that we should look for HI GI carbs for the first meal post-workout (maybe something like 1 hour after) (Am I correct on this?)

So is it ok to eat some white rice with meat for this meal? I usually only eat whole grain brown rice but I was wondering if it could be ok to eat white rice in this Post-workout window...even if i'm a carbs sensitive type.

By the way, i'm not on a cutting diet right now...I just want to maintain and gain some size.

Any advice on this?

Thanks for help.

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In my opinion/experience I'd say it'd be definitely be ok - why were you concerned about it?

If I recall correctly, CW has recommended shovelling down solid protein and carbs pwo (if it's a tough workout).

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Yes, the 'anabolic phase' as dubbed by nutrient timing specialists lasts up to, and possibly a little over an hour after you work out. Go read JB's The Science of Nutrient Timing Parts I & II for more info. FYI, my favorite PWO meal is chicken teriyaki with white rice. Magically this delectable dish is transformed from what would normally be a cheat meal of adispose preportions, to a perfect PWO meal. Indulge!

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