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Some Long-term V Life Results...

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Picture on the left - me prior to any V-Diet(or diet at all rather). Age 30, weighed in around 235-240lbs. @ 6'7" tall, waist size 36. Had been actively lifting weights 3-5 days per week for app. 10 years.

1st V-Diet completed March/April of 2010

...followed by moderately clean diet and continued weighlifting/moderate cardio until..

2nd V-Diet completed February/March of 2011

Picture on the right, present day - and 2 V-Diets later @ 185 lbs, waist size 32.

Any questions, feel free to ask!

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Good job man. Fucking tall

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Questions? Maybe later for sure :P But in the mean time! WOW! Great job!

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Chris Shugart
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That is exceptional progress, Jason! Wow!

I'm going to have to tweet this one!

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Jason, I just recently started V-Diet and I'm 5'10 and 213lbs. However the second day of the diet I felt like it was a big adjustment phase to just being on a liquid diet and at times felt weak. I'm doing the intermediate workout plan and looking to tone up and lose the stubborn belly fat that I have had. I always been able to have muscle tone but the belly fat/ spare time has been hard to get rid of. Hopefully with a clean diet, I can least get to 200 or less. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.

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