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V-Diet LiveSpill?

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Is this gone with the new forum reintroduction? Still not used to being back as a sub-forum here. I think I liked the V-life site better and don't really understand the want/need to reintigrate it into T-Nation; but what's done is done.

I really miss opening my browser and starting my day by reading Shug's motivating and inspirational LiveSpills every day. I haven't found them back here on T-Nation, so is that just taking form as Shug's Hammer posts?

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Chris Shugart
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Thanks, Sea.

The Hammer blog and the LiveSpill were overlapping in content a bit, and doing both meant about 28 articles/entries for me to do per month, plus my editing and behind-the-scenes work. With big new editing projects coming up, it was best for me to have V-Life back into TNation rather than a standalone. Plus Tim (big boss) decided that instead of having off-shoot sites (V-Life, Figure Athlete) it was better to have a main landing page. He's right.

We're planning lots of new things, and one of those will be me either doing LiveSpills or bringing the Hammer blog to the main page page putting more focus into it, more frequent posts etc. So, stay tuned!

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