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V-Diet After Week 1 - I'm Hungry

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Hey there fellow V-Dieters. I need some help here. I am very pumped about the diet so far, but at the same time I'm very hungry. I read the tips on the site here, drink water, etc. Is there anything I can do to just get rid of the appetite? I was 173 lbs last week when I started the diet. This week (Day 10 today), I'm 166 lbs. I'd like to hear how others are doing.

This isn't easy for me. Help!

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I'm feeling the same way man, I'm always I mean always thinking about solid food. Drinking black coffee helps a tiny bit, but when I see food it drives me insane. I'm on day 8, and i'm still the same weight as I was before but i've lost fat and gained some lbm.

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Fiber choice tablets, make your shakes really thick, so not much water, drink more water and sucking it up.

I don't mean that last part to sound rude, but yeah, tough it out for 28 days, you'll lose a crap load of fat and be happy when you're done!

A fiber tablet or two can help kill some assumed hunger, especially with a big glass of water.

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Also helpful to me, more than anything, was the bullion cubes dissolved in hot water and drank like a tea. Something about the sodium satisfied cravings better than anything else I tried. Good gets easier.

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