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Hey guys, at the moment i'm on my 3rd V-Diet, 1 complete and 1 that lasted 19 days due to travelling etc...

Anyways this time i've decided to mix things up a little to see how it effects the diet and how it effects my body.

After my first outings i know how my body reacts, what my energy levels will be like and how my body changes.

i've noticed that approaching the 28th day most people are sick of the shaked and can't wait to get back on daily HSM's.

I also have done a 4 week bout of the V-Diet lite, this dropped around 15lbs which was impressive compared to other diets but wasn't quite fast enough for me.

As i said earlier this is my 3rd V-Diet and i'm shaking it up a little bit.

My first week was completely strict and i did the V-Diet as prescribed.

For the rest of the diet instead of having HSM's once a week, i'm dropping them in ever 5 or so days, normally when i get a craving for a HSM like i said ever 5 or so days.

After 4 weeks of this, my transition will be a HSM every other day for 4 weeks.

Obviously i've shook things up a lot but i'd liek to experiment and if im going to do it, i thought i'd share it with you guys.

I'm currently on day 12 of the regime and after the whole 8 weeks is complete i'll let you know my finding. Pics, measurements and weight.

I'm also logging this in the diet log section.

Cliff Notes

1. First week full V-Diet
2. After this Hsm's every 5 or so days
3. After 4 weeks, 4 weeks of transition with HSM every other day.

Cheers guys,

Feel free to let me know what you guys think!

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