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PLP - 60 Day Challenge with V Diet?

Ken Rose
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Hi Chris,
I'm starting my 5th V-Diet tomorrow. I have found great success with it and am hoping to set new personal records with this one. I have decided to stay with the beginner program and really push my weights and intensity rather then go to the intermediate program. I have done the intermediate program once without the diet and I feel that the beginner one is better for me.

My question is this: Should I try Chad W's PLP 60 day challange to the V-Diet, starting with one pushup/lunge/chin and adding one each day?

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Chris Shugart
Director of Content

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Yes! Go for it. And keep us posted!

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Been trying it with a 2 week V-Diet with Pulse-fasts. I really don't notice any more fatigue than when I attempted the V-Diet before (but you're still wiped during the end of the day). Chin-up numbers have gone up by at least 5 for the first set on the plus side. I also consider it a nice additional form of NEPA since you're only using body-weight.

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I started the PLP plan April 1st and am up to 32 reps a day now. That's a lot of pullups for a 260# guy so I max out the first set [8-9] and then bite off 5-6 rep sets through the rest of the day. Everything else is easy yet; but I'm wondering if I have what it takes to make it through 60 days of progression....wish I'd have taken measurements when I started so I could confirm what I think I'm seeing...more definition in my arms and legs.

For additional work on my belly, I also threw in ab wheel rollouts for an equal number of reps every day.

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