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Is V-Diet Ketogenic

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Hi Chris,

On my 2nd week of the V-Diet and it's been going great. I've come from 219 to 207 in that time so I am beyond psyched and I have noticeable loses in my belly and chest which are my fat zones. So this is awesome overall and I am a believer (which is hard for me as I am the biggest skeptic of diets being in the medical field).

So the first 2 weeks were beyond hell. I was hungry all the time, in a super irritable mood and I couldn't concentrate on work at all and felt lethargic. However, about two days ago that all changed and I noticed my hunger is completely gone (to the extent that more than 4 shakes a day is very tough to put down), my mind is clear and I'm all of a sudden fat sensitive (meaning I get an energy boost shortly after eating fish oil or other fats).

I've felt this before and that was when I was on a ketogenic diet and my body got keto adapted so I was wondering if the V-Diet is ketogenic and if it is then could I start cutting some protein out and adding more fat to keep the caloric count the same for the day and keeping my shakes at 3 - 4. Also would adding some coconut oil to my shakes help?

I don't want to mess with the formula but I'm really having trouble putting the shakes down - never thought I'd say that if my life depended on it in the first 2 weeks.


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No its not ketogenic, if you are following it to a tee and using surge you won't go into ketois as carbs are around 120g a day. To go ketogenic the general rule is sub 40-50g a day.

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