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Get the Ball

Chris Shugart
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Get the Ball

"Get the ball."

That's what Kenneth Faried, the best rebounder in the history of college hoops, says goes through his mind when he sees a loose ball.

I'm not sure what the ESPN Radio interviewer was expecting Kenneth to say when he asked him that question. Did he think this young man had a detailed, mathematical formula he used to rebound? Was he looking for some trick? Perhaps a top-secret shoe lacing system that adds two inches to the vertical jump?

Nope. Faried just thinks "get the ball." And then he does it very well.

The best performers in just about any field have the same strategy. They do much more than they plan. It's not that they don't think before they act; they just think quickly, go with their guts, and don't spend time overanalyzing and obsessing on the details.

Procrastination is often used as an excuse not to get started. "Oh, I'll start dieting for summer soon. But first I really need to research some more and order this book and buy a food scale..."

Bullshit. That guy or gal is just putting things off and rationalizing it with the "research and planning" excuse. It makes them feel better about their current eating atrocities. It's a comforting self-lie they choose to believe.

What else do the most successful performers in any field do? They act quickly, then they adjust their plans as they go along. They know that getting started on the plan is the most important task. It may not be a "perfect" plan executed at the "perfect" time (and there's never a perfect time) but it can be course-corrected on the fly.

Momentum is created. Things get accomplished. Goals are reached.

...all while the other guy is "planning."

When it comes to training and diet, ditch the overly-complex plan. Just get the ball and come down with elbows flying. -- Chris

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I like it. I started training for the Tough Mudder with a super specific running program to go along with lifting, but at the end of the day I just said f**k it and ran more. Worked way better for me.

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This hammer reminds me of the old Reebok commercial. You got to love the statement, "what were you expecting Shakespeare? I'm working here!"

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