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Dealing with Bullies

Chris Shugart
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Dealing with Bullies

It started with a hit.

Seventh grade football practice, day one. The guy who lined up against JP was confident. After all, he was facing the fat kid. The kid he'd been picking on since kindergarten. Crybaby JP, the favorite target of every playground bully.

First came the command of the quarterback. "Hut hut!" Then came the hit.

JP shot out of his three-point stance like a juggernaut. The other kid flew into the air and came down hard.

Right then, at that very moment, JP's life changed.

Turned out there was some power and strength behind the baby fat. Later, hours in the weight room and a healthy injection of puberty turned JP into a top lineman by high school. He got a girlfriend. He got a letter jacket. And no one ever bullied JP again.

Sorry, PC Police, but sometimes the best solution is violence. It's true with bullies, and it's true with things like diet and training.

Toxic, fattening foods, stubborn body fat that won't seem to go away, plateaus in strength and muscular size... all bullies. And you're not going to beat them by sitting down with a nice mediator and talking about your feelings. Hugging it out ain't gonna work. Nope, sometimes you just have to smash them.

Dietary violence? How about the 100 Gram Carb Cure, the V-Diet, or the Pulse Fast?

Training violence? Pick any TNation program and go after it like a fat kid body-slamming a bully.

Mediation is for pussies.

-- Chris

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I love this video. Definitely like the Hammer. But I love this video. He even had good technique :)

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i like it chris, i was waiting for this vid to show up in the hammer! Similar thing happend to me in high school, skinny kid, fat quiet kid. Underneath my fat was a bit of muscle for my age.

Ran through the guy and smashed him in to a cast iron drain pipe. Needless to say he never bothered me again.

Just gota apply this principle to the spare tyre around my waist! Its gettin smaller but has yet to be dominated.

Just need some more time!

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Almost a week later, and the title changed

I saw it when the little kid was tired of being bullied, so he faces that fat a$$h0l3, and gets smashed in the floor.

But anyway, mmmmm... good message?, dont know

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Love it. Dealing with mental and physical abuse as a kid really fucked me up later on in life. But thanks to this website, and knowledge and growth, I was able to drop fat, pack on some muscle, and baffle every single old classmate that ran into me.

Internalizing it does nothing but make it worse. Violence is, sometimes, the answer to relentless bullies. I wish kids these days would just realize how simple it is to unplug or walk away from the computer and do something else to get away from these so call "cyber" bullies.

Music was my life line as a kid, and now as a young adult I use it to channel my anger and squash my depression pressing or pulling that extra rep or two, due to the charge of adrenaline.

Thanks Chris, great post.

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