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Horsemen Training Program

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I recently came across a new(to me) training program called The Horsemen. If you google it, you will find other programs using the same or similar title, but this one is different.

I googled extensively and could not find it anywhere, but perhaps my Google is not as strong as others.

Anyway, the program was developed by a group of Team guys calling themselves the Horsemen. Their training philosophy is simple: Team guys are not bodybuilders, nor are they powerlifters, Olympic lifters, or mountain climbers, and they should not train as one of these. They do, however, require a slightly lower elite level of competence in all of these, so they developed the Horsemen Program. It draws from Crossfit, Mountain Athlete, Gym Jones, Dan John, and API (Scott Ramsdell, not Mark Verstegen, though Military Athlete borrows from Verstegen, so indirectly, whatever).

It is designed for the operator, someone who operates in extreme environments, who needs to throw some weight around and still be able to sprint to an HLZ. The goals of the program are: DL 2.5xBW, Front Squat 1.5xBW, Bench 1.5xBW, Military Press 1xBW, and still be able to run 3 miles easily in under 20:00. I am starting from a fairly detrained state, so this should be interesting.

Has anyone else heard of this, or have personal experience with it? I copied it from a guy at work, and had to retype it because the copy was shitty. I did the first strength workout today, called Tongue Lashing(except benching instead of standing press), and it sucked. In a good way.

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