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I have a Question about Recon...


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I have gotten a few PM's lately with questions regarding recon mainly whether I have any pointers about what to do during indoc etc. Hopefully this post will answer any and all questions thus having me to type, cut, paste, edit a bunch of pm's.

1. If your trying to pass the indoc or board or are already in recon, don't walk around with an air of elitism. You are merely playing a supportive role for the infantry where the "rubber meets the road". The staff NCO's hate that attitude anyways.

2. Before you even start entertaining thoughts of recon, sign up for the infantry, the grunts. This allows you to develop some base knowledge of basic operations (patroling, IA drills etc.) You need to learn to walk before you can run.

3. When you're in the rear or anywhere else for that matter, politicking is important. Create the perception that you are a lifer.. even if you're not. They don't want to invest a bunch of money in some jarhead that's going to eas a few months after graduating Ranger school. Don't do anything that can be construed as unconventional or un Marine like.

4. When taking the indoc, don't quit... period. They're going to try to get inside your head by putting you in a stressfull situation in which you have no idea as to when it might end. Just prepare yourself mentally that you accept anything that comes your way.

When I think of more I post it. Good luck to those of you that are interested.

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