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Adding Glutamine to my Water Jug....


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I stocked up on glutamine recently, both pure glutamine and a GNC product I got cheap that has Glutamine, Vit. C & E and NAC. I've been adding a total of about 20-25g to each gallon of water I drink lately, and though it's only been two days, I feel a lot better lately, and feel like (somewhat speculative, I KNOW) I've been more anabolic since.
I've done some research, and haven't seen anything to suggest that I'm not absorbing it completely or that it could have any adverse effects.
Anyone know anything about this not being as awesome as I'm thinking it is?

I also posted this in "Nutrition." Hope this isn't off-topic, but I just figured BOI would probably be able to give me some better answers.

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I've done this with BCAAs. I used to roll around w/ a gallon jug of water filled with Crystal light (generic cheap-o brand, of course). After reading all the info on Anaconda Protocol and the magic of all that stuff, I decided that I'd do a poor man's Anaconda Protocol. I called it the Python Protocol (TM)! Anyway, I'd basically just do like I said - a gallon jug w/ some crystal light flavoring and as much BCAA as I could afford. Biotest has BCAA caps, so I had to go to vitamin shoppe or somewhere to get it. It's not super expensive, I'd just dump like 3-5 scoops in and be good to go for the day. Sip as needed. With crystal light, I'd drink like 2 of those pups a day. Anabolic? Maybe... Tasty? Yes....

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This is something I don't think will do you any harm, but I also don't see helping much either. I mean obviously that depends on just how much you're putting in there, but as a rule of thumb, the main reason to be taking amino acids directly is because you're not getting enough of certain types...or during/right before a workout, because it's easier for your body to break them down than whole foods of course. Aside from that, you'd be better off just taking more protein powder...more cost-effective.

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