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Vascular Problem Affecting Training?


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I have a question that the members here may or may not have some insight on. I have been told I have pretty severe vericose veins on the front side of both legs. The doctor explained to me that basically this condition reduces the amount of blood being returned up the legs, because these veins are essentially clogged or non-functional for whatever reason. Ultrasound tests confirmed that the veins are quite engorged, but there is some functionality there with sufficient pressure exerted by myself (bearing down). Said doctor was of course befuddled by my questions on how this would affect my training, so I'll pose them here. I don't have issues in-workout so much due to the pressures I believe are exerted by the effort of training. However, do you think that this would affect recovery? Also, the proposed treatment was removal of the veins so that they don't swell further and lead to lesions on the legs. Any thoughts on how removal of part of the circulatory system might affect recovery or training? Thanks in advance.

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Off topic, but this reminds me of a recent incident...

As I was getting tanned up a few weeks ago, I noticed the BBer in the tent next to me had serious varicose veins on the sides of his hips. Very prominent and tortuous they were.

When I commented on them, he said "It all adds to the freakiness on stage!". So I guess that's one way to turn a negative intot a positive :)

BTW, I have varicose veins on the back of my right calf. It hasn't affected performance in any noticeable way.


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