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Training with Damaged Lower Abdominal


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I may have come close to giving myself a hernia. Yesterday I was doing half deads (dropping only to my knees) and felt what I thought was my abdominal skin getting pinched between the belt on my shorts and my lifting belt. It wasn't comfortable so I removed the weight belt. Went to do another set and on the second rep I felt the same pinch, although a lot sharper this time. I realized it was deeper than the skin and stopped immediately. Went home, popped some advil and iced it for 30 mins. Afterwards I rubbed my fingers around the area, and the spot that I felt the pull has a noticeably more rigid feel to it compared to the opposite side, which is smooth. Today I have no pain, no swelling, but when I tighten the abs I feel an ache and a little pull on my left nut. After consulting with the doc, we're guessing I may have, at worst, a partial tear. Not sure how I got it, but I don't want to make it worse. Problem is, I am now 4 weeks from a BB show, so taking it easy isn't exactly in my game plan.

I realize I should avoid high pressure movements in case this is a tear. I can do without deads, I'll just do hypers instead. My main question is about legs. I've always trained heavy hacks and presses with 10 sets of each with reps between 15-20. What would be my best option here? Should I drop the weight and increase the volume; 50-100reps per set on presses? Or would it be better to just drop pressing entirely and isolate everything; Heavy single leg extensions, glute kick backs, ect? Any other tips or experiences of how to deal with this would be welcomed as well.

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